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We will begin accepting PVL (Pediatric Cerebral Palsy) and overseas patients sequentially from October 2023.
Until now, PVL (pediatric cerebral palsy) has been regarded as a disease that continues to worsen and never recovers, not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. As this assessment suggests, it was essentially impossible for any medical institution in Japan or anywhere else in the world to recover from or cure PVL.

Since 2005, our clinic has been making a sensation by announcing on our website and in Japan that PVL can be completely cured, and since 2019, we have been showing “before” and “after” pictures on our website, and the response has been growing every year.

How happy we would be if we could realize that our child diagnosed with PVL (pediatric cerebral palsy) “becomes a normal child. This fact is not only for children in Japan. Of course, children all over the world should have the same opportunity. In October 2023, we will begin accepting patients from overseas.

For the time being, we plan to accept only two or three groups throughout the year. We will make reservations in the order of those who wish to be seen, and once we reach capacity, we will begin accepting patients in the following year. We will also conduct “pre-treatment and video diagnosis” for those who wish to be seen by us. Before coming to Japan, we will have a Zoom interview at your home and in our clinic to see how your child is doing. If the child is diagnosed to be sufficiently recoverable, we will inform you of the start of the treatment. If you are interested in this opportunity, why don’t you give it a try?

In recent years, adult patients have also shown significant recovery. In cases where the cause of paralysis is PVL, or the cause of paralysis cannot be diagnosed, or the cause of paralysis is unknown, most of the paralysis is caused by PVL, such as heel lifting, etc. In such cases, even if the patient is an adult, he or she will recover. In such cases, even adults will recover. We encourage adults to try it as well.

We can only provide services in Japanese. Please note that we only accept patients who can communicate in Japanese.

November 2023 Tooru Yokouchi, Director, Yamato Acupuncture Clinic



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